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“And because in this place there falleth out a certaine precept of Michael Angelo much for our purpose, I wil not conceale it, leaving the farther interpretation and understanding thereof to the judicious reader. It is reported then that Michael Angelo upon a time gave this observation to the Painter Marcus de Siena his scholler; that he should alwaies make a figure Pyramidall, Serpentlike, and multiplied by one, two and three.

In which precept (in mine opinion) the whole mysterie of the arte consisteth.

For the greatest grace and life that a picture can have, is, that it expresse Motion: which the Painters call the spirite of a picture: Nowe there is no forme so fitte to expresse this motion, as that of the flame of fire, which according to Aristotle and the other Philosophers, is an elemente most active of all others: because the forme of the flame thereof is most apt for motion: for it hath a Conus or sharpe pointe wherewith it seemeth to divide the aire, that so it may ascende to his proper sphere. So that a picture having this forme will bee most beautifull.”


Lomazzo, Gian Paolo: Trattato dell'arte della pittura, scoltura et architettura [Milano 1584]

I began this series almost by chance,  I was trying a new camera. I wanted to photograph the same plant every morning. I was challenging myself; it was a sort of "Exercises in Style" in photography. Unfortunately, the plant was reduced by an unconscious pruning hand. In this series there is no naturalist interest, but a pretext for exploring an hidden present dimension that took shape while the photographs were being taken, generating a uniformed and very pleasant pictorial work. Finally, the series was embellished by using a carbon print on 300 gm  "Innova" cotton paper in a limited edition of 15. This kind of paper has good archival characteristics and a strong tactile impact.​​

Copyright ©  Pietro De Filippi

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