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In the  exhibition are enclosed  twelve B&W 8x10 inc. photos of  Waste, Debries. All the Debris were personally collected and photographed using 8x10 negative on a white backdrop and then enriched whit limited edition print on cotton paper.
I have always had in mind the wonderful entomologists insect drawers where all the insects are pierced with a pin and take their timeless flight.
Waste is a basic part of the human been, we can't do otherwise, they are part of us: fortunately, we do discard; but this essential function enclose opposite and wider meanings. Its very difficult relate himself to his proper waste, is it something that scares us and is overcoming us. Aging of the matter is continuous and unavoidable just from the beginning of anything: everything is affected from UV rays or air oxidation. We are always looking for   the allure of the glossy of the perfection, trying to stop the waste decay, but as soon as we think we are fixing the time, debris are proliferating,  growing and overcoming us , without any chance of  human success.
So: soul Debris, flesh Debris' society Debris; unfortunately today a  very relevant topic.​​​

Copyright ©  Pietro De Filippi

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